You've heard the stories…someone decides to buy a computer and a tax program, knows the trucking industry, and now they're tax experts. Honestly, with computers and tax programs nowadays, they could literally train a 4th grader to prepare your tax returns. Right or wrong, you'd have a form full of numbers.

But doesn't it make sense to have someone with years of experience, and skillfully trained eye, review all those forms and numbers? Someone licensed? Possessing years of education, not simply months? I mean the tax code is meant to be complicated for a reason; if not thoroughly understood, the taxpayer loses out.

Think about how important your tax returns are for a minute. First, you sign them under penalty of perjury. Second, the results could make or break your whole year to the tune of thousands of dollars. Next, if the numbers look carelessly prepared guess who comes knocking. Then, think about who is best equipped to fight for you, if you do get an IRS Notice in the mail. That can happen anytime. LuckyHauler employs only CPA's, all who possess years of tax experience before they even touch your tax return.

In the end, our extensive experience, education and knowledge saves you time, aggravation and money. So let us put that to work for you. You can concentrate on the road ahead. Your taxes are in good hands.

Owner Operators have a language unique to both their industry and how they operate individually. Does your tax return preparer understand your language? If they don't, that's a red flag.

Whether you're an LLC or an S or C Corporation or a simple Schedule C, we know what needs to be done. We possess over 20 years' of experience preparing tax returns for all kinds of businesses, but we specialize in the trucking industry, and especially Owner Operators. Getting answers that don't sound solid? Ask us.

Each of our Owner Operators are an important part of what keeps America running. At LuckyHauler, our clients are not just a number, and we make sure they know that. We want to help them; not just this year, but well into the future. Skillful tax planning requires considering the past, the present and the future, altogether.

It happens. We'll work with the taxing authorities, get you caught up, and do whatever we have to do to get you back on track. We're the experts, so let us deal with the taxing authorities.