LuckyHauler first began with one goal in mind…to help the Owner Operator of America come tax time! Back then, there were practically no CPA's specializing in assisting Owner Operators with their income tax returns. The IRS focused on the trucking industry as a whole, and many Owner Operators lost out, simply because their tax preparers could fill out forms, but couldn't stand behind those numbers when faced with an audit. Many lost hundreds, and in some cases thousands of dollars, they never should have. That's why LuckyHauler came about…to provide quality income tax services to Owner Operators. Tax services we stand by.

Today, we fight for every dollar on your tax return. After all, isn't that what the IRS is doing? There's a lot of technical skill involved, that's for sure, but honestly it's hard work too. We check every number three times, and no, we're not going to misspell your name. We speak to you before the numbers are finalized just to make sure we've got everything and that you're satisfied. We may have to fill out more tax forms, just to save you a few more bucks. Other tax preparers may ignore those forms, believing they're not worth the effort. But we're going to do it, Why? Because our clients know we will. That's how we roll. We don't believe in shortcuts, and that's what sets us apart.

Today we have Owner Operators across the entire United States, from Florida to California…sea to shining sea. Many of our Owner Operators came to us simply because they weren't getting the professional and personal attention they deserved. The Owner Operators of America are a mobile and driving force; an intricate part of what keeps the very heartbeat of America ticking, day after day, 365 days a year. Shouldn't they be treated accordingly?

LuckyHauler is an organization guided by sound Christian principles. But we have clients in all walks of life: faiths, non-faiths, nationalities, on and on. The Owner Operators of America are a diverse group, symbolic of each member's own independence. We simply do our part to help each one of them by providing professional and personal tax services. We take things like minimizing taxes, standing behind our work, and fighting for your tax dollars very, very seriously.

LuckyHauler began with a mission. Today, we're still on it.
I guess you could say 'We're in it for the long haul!'